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Iron Frame Flat Bed Frame XH

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Large Product size: 1530*2030*350MM,

Medium Product size: 1370*1900*350MM,

Small Product size: 990*1900*350MM,

Colour: Black.

Large & Medium:

Material: iron spray paint,
25*25*0.8MM square tube for bed head, bed foot, bed path and middle pole;
All supporting feet use 25*25*0.8MM square tube;

With screws M8*30=4, M6*15=16, M6*20=16, M6*30=4, M inner screw set=20, wrench=2, plastic buckle=6.


Small :

Material: iron spray paint, bed head, bed foot, bed track, no middle pole; 25*25*0.8MM square tube for all supporting feet;
Equipped with screws M8*30=4, M6*15=8, M6*20=16, M inner screw set=8, wrench=2, plastic buckle=6.